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A true icon

Every person who works in the champagne region calls Moët & Chandon the “Grande Maison “ (“Great House”), a mark of utmost respect. A House that has transcended time and space, bringing champagne to its highest level. Created in 1743, Moët & Chandon has been one of the figureheads of the champagne region since the 18th century. After the war, Robert-Jean de Vogüé decided to create the first premium champagne wine “in the person” of Dom Pérignon, whose name remains known worldwide. Moët became part of the LVMH empire in the late 1980s. Today, as LVMH's leading name in the Champagne region, the company produces more than 30 million bottles each year with a regularity that commands respect. No matter where you are in the world, the quality and taste of Champagne remains the same. The vinification genius of Benoît Gouez, the "supersonic" Montaigu vat room and its research center allow the realization of a champagne of an unprecedented level if you consider the production volumes. This is how Moët et Chandon delivers a smooth, toasty, and lemony aromatic palette, enhanced by delicate bubbles and a soft texture. A unique taste signature, a true and constant delight. The combination of all these achievements ensures the brand's well-deserved position as world number one.

Grand Vintage 2013

Each "Grand Vintage" ("Great Vintage") is unique, a fresh and personal interpretation of the vintage by Moët & Chandon's Cellar Master. The 75th vintage in the House's history, this 2013 champagne is a wine whose maturity is immediately apparent...



The maturity expresses itself immediately on autumnal notes: roasted chestnut, toasted buckwheat, honey... The aromas of fruit are then revealed, evoking perfectly ripe pears. Iodine and sap nuances complete the aromatic palette.



The 2013 Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage is the unexpected expression of a particularly tumultuous year! Marked by a long, cold winter followed by a hot, dry summer that was completely off the charts, this particularly late vintage was harvested in October.


The palate is straightforward, energetic, supported by a bright yet delicate acidity, backed by a chiseled structure and a finely grained texture. A fine bitterness of white grapefruit carries the finish.



This champagne is composed of chardonnay and pinot noir in almost equal parts, with a small use of pinot meunier as well. Its 7 years of maturation in the cellar allow it to develop a truly unique character.


How do you enhance the taste of a champagne? It is, first and foremost, “a spontaneous experience, which appeals more to sensations and emotions than to knowledge", says Benoït Gouez, the Moët & Chandon cellar master. For a perfect match, food and champagne must reveal themselves to each other on all levels. The colors must evoke the aromatic universe of the wine. As a delicate and refined product, champagne pairs beautifully with dishes using high quality produces, long and slow cooking methods and sparse seasoning. Moët & Chandon champagnes have four of the five primary flavors: acidity thanks to the chardonnay, bitterness from the presence of the pinots noir and meunier, umami from the maturation on the yeast and finally sugar, which is delicately balanced. The fifth element, salt, is the great absentee and must be present in the dish for a perfect match. Finally, let's not forget textures! To emphasize the champagne's length in the palate, the chosen dish should ideally contain a crunchy, crispy or even spicy touch. Enjoy!

A word from the cellar master

"The first pillar of the Moët & Chandon style is a fruity and bright wine. Our ambition is that our champagnes taste like the grapes they come from, that is to say, the taste of the fruit in the most raw, clean and fresh way possible. When you close your eyes, the goal is to instantly see an image appear: a basket of fruit. Benoît Gouez, Moët & Chandon cellar master

Crafted with passion


Inventing new ways to celebrate moments of success with champagne is the hallmark of the House. Champagne is used to celebrate the victory of a race car, as is the impressive pyramids of flutes created by Moët & Chandon around the world. These are just some of the strong symbols that Moët & Chandon uses internationally.



"Every second in the world, someone opens a Moët & Chandon bottle." Sharing its champagnes with the world has been the inspiration and raison d'être of the House since 1743. Towards the end of the 18th century, Jean-Rémy Moët, the grandson of the founder Claude Moët, was the first to conquer international markets and, today, Moët & Chandon is distributed in over 140 countries.



The face of Moët's avant-garde spirit is Robert-Jean de Vogüé and his " quarter of an hour ahead " concept. Under his leadership, Moët undertook important technical and organizational innovations that greatly contributed to its development. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and now offers exclusive or personalized editions of its wines.